Picture this. Two parents are arguing, and their child slips away unnoticed, up to the bedroom before pulling out a book and settling down to read, becoming so immersed in the fictional world that the noise below begins to fade. In a township not far from there, a little boy just put his siblings to bed. Still hungry and faced with problems only adults should be dealing with, his only way of escaping his reality and dreaming about a better life for him and his siblings, is reading about someone else’s life to keep the hope alive.

Many authors have written books aimed at cultivating empathy and respect for others, and they talk forthrightly about elements of bullying or depict what it is like to be bullied. Reading can also be used effectively to assist in no bullying projects.

For many children, reading a book is the only way of escaping the harsh realities of their own world.

Since 2016 COPPERSTONE started to collect books and distribute them in communities and among NGO’s where we identified a need for it. More than 5000 new or slightly used books has been distributed during the past 2 years. Our economy is enhanced when learners have higher literacy levels. Effective literacy skills can or will open the doors to more educational and employment opportunities to enable people to overcome poverty and chronic underemployment.

Our HUMANITARIAN of the Year and Talent Search charity project for July is our Literacy Campaign- the Great Escape. And we please need your help.

Anyone who can assist with new or slightly used books, to be distributed in communities where we identified the need for books, please get in touch with us. All of this year’s HUMANITARIAN and Talent Search finalists will be collecting books to distribute on Mandela Day. Get in touch with any of the finalists or send us a mail at:

Your book may just contribute in making someone else’s world a little more bearable.



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