When COPPERSTONE created the TALK Initiative, one of our aims was to focus on anti-bullying. Although every little bit helps, we didn’t want to be an anti-bullying project focusing on what kids can’t do and say. We wanted to start a campaign to not only highlight a better understanding of bullying, but also to find creative ways of dealing with the bully and the child being targeted, by incorporating the four pillars of the TALK Initiative to nurture compassion and empathy in the bully and the victim.

Our no-bullying campaign for this year is titled: “Little Bullies Become Big Bullies”. Children as young as age 3 can and do participate in bullying. We often see the emergence of bullying in early childhood settings, such as day-care, preschool, home-care groups and play groups. If bullying in the early years is overlooked or not stopped, young children who bully will continue to bully as they get older, and children who are victimised will continue to suffer. In fact, bullying may spread as other children see opportunities to engage in bullying. If left unchecked and not dealt with correctly, patterns of bullying and victimisation will persist into adolescence and even adulthood, resulting in abusive teen dating relationships, and eventually teen suicide, serial and gender based violence and other criminal activities.

No matter what kind of bully someone is, they have not learned tolerance, appreciation and kindnessSome people assume that bullying is a problem that will always exist. We seek to destroy that mentality by showing the power of kindness, both in person and online.

To read more about our Little Bullies Become Big Bullies campaign, CLICK HERE.


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