COPPERSTONE launched its first competition aimed at giving back in 2011. The annual SA Bachelor & Bachelorette of the Year was a competition we started to find South Africa’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette. Seven years later, we wanted the competition to evolve into one where everyone who wanted to bring about change were eligible to enter. The competition evolved into the Humanitarian of the Year competition.

In 2017, at the same time the Humanitarian competition was created, we also started the Talent Search South Africa competition- to not only give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent, but also to do good. With the huge success we were able to achieve after the first year of running Talent Search SA, it soon became clear that this would become our Flagship competition.

Our main aim with all the competitions we have done and continue to do have always been to make a difference and bring about change in South Africa, while at the same time keeping our audiences entertained and to keep delivering imaginative, thought-provoking and out-of-the-box events that surprise and delight.

Being a company built out of the desire to bring about change, we will also continue to incorporate the charity campaigns and annual charity drives we started in 2011, through through all our competitions and partnerships with other corporates. We will continue to strive for our humanitarian work to cause a ripple effect that impacts the lives of many families and vulnerable populations, starting with one person at a time.


In 2017 COPPERSTONE Event Production & Creative Agency started the Talent Search South Africa competition to not only give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent, but also to do good. The purpose of the competition is to assist talented acts with the potential for commercial growth and to break through into the entertainment industry.

The competition aims to create artists with a purpose. Contestants must perform various challenges during the run of the competition. From doing charity drives and raising funds for various needy organisations, to running their own events and marketing drives, contestants who have never been subjected to the entertainment industry on a big scale, are judged on their abilities to drive their own brands. They receive support throughout the year by numerous successful, established artists in the industry.

Talent Search SA is not a reality show, it’s a competition where we work with and mould new and up-and-coming talent for a career in the entertainment industry. We have incredible established artists to assist in becoming the best artist you can be. A year of hard work, marketing drives, charity campaigns, performances and eliminations and master-classes will assist you in making it in a saturated industry.

For more information on our Flagship competition, please visit the Talent Search SA website.

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In 2011, we started our first competition: SA Bachelor & Bachelorette – a competition we created to find South Africa’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette, someone who encompasses brains, beauty, entrepreneurship and the spirit of Ubuntu – a competition where single individuals who want to bring about change can make a difference and create awareness through charity or community work.

Seven years later, we wanted the competition to evolve into one where everyone who wanted to bring about change were eligible to enter. To do that, a name-change was needed. The SA Bachelor & Bachelorette winners are all compassionate, humane, unselfish, altruistic, generous, kind, sympathetic, charitable, philanthropic, public-spirited, socially concerned and seeking to promote human welfare. The competition’s new name encompassed all these qualities; the HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR competition.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished with these competitions since 2011. Thousands of entries, hundreds of finalists, more than 20 judges, more than 150 charity events, hundreds of media publications, television coverage, live-streaming at our Gala events and 16 winners later, we made the decision to end the competition on a high note.  To remain fresh and current we decided to bring our loyal COPPERSTONE audiences a new venture through COPPERSTONE House, and to expand our very popular Talent Search SA competition.

es that our youth are facing, it is a huge accomplishment for many children to complete their high school. Children need to be reminded that with hard work, they can achieve anything they set their minds to.”

Humanitarianism is probably the most important “ism” in the world today. Words such as “charity” and “philanthropy” describe a voluntary act, a matter of kindness rather than duty. For us humanitarianism is more a duty we are obligated to do while we’re renting our space on earth. Or maybe it is a combination of kindness and duty- a gift we HAVE to give.

We can’t express our gratitude enough to each and every person who made this competition possible and for allowing us to bring about change. Thanks to every contestant, judge, sponsor, celebrity, member of the press, performer, MC and all our past winners for your support and your humanitarianism. Watching past contestants and winners carrying on with their humanitarian work, is the rock we wanted to cast to create a ripple in the lives of people less fortunate, disabled, ill, and those who are bullied, abused and neglected.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Our final words of gratitude goes to all our past winners: THANK YOU! We are extremely proud of what you have achieved and the difference you’re still making in the lives of others.

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